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University Performance Indicators

Following the recommendations of the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education, the UK Government asked the four UK higher education funding bodies The Higher Education Funding Council for England, the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, the Scottish Funding Council and the Department for the Economy to develop suitable indicators and benchmarks of performance in the higher education sector.

Publications & statistics

The Performance Indicators Steering Group was established, with membership drawn from government departments, the funding councils and representative bodies. The group defines the specification and develops the Performance Indicators, which are now called the UKPIs. The Higher Education Statistics Agency calculate and publish the UKPIs on behalf of the UK HE funding bodies.

The indicators are designed to provide reliable information on the nature and performance of the higher education sector in the UK and constitute a consistent set of measures of this performance. This will contribute to a greater public accountability by the sector, as well as ensuring that policy decisions can be made on the basis of consistent and reliable information.

The PI publications, showing the indicators for each UK Higher Education institution, are available from the HESA website.

Summary tables showing statistics for the whole UK, based on the latest UKPIs with previous years' data for comparison, are available.

Participation indicators for Scottish HEIs

HESA does not publish indicators of participation from low participation areas (based on the POLAR3 method) for Scottish HEIs.

See Participation indicators for Scottish HEIs.